Munster from the Alsace courtesy of The Crumbly Cheese. This cheese comes exclusively from an area spreading between the East of the Vosges in Alsace and the West of Lorraine (where the cheese is called Géromé). Back in the seventh century Irish monks settled in what is now called Munster Valley in Alsace.

They created “Munster Kaes”, their goal being to preserve milk and feed their people. Farmers still use the traditional way to make Munster. The cheese is rubbed by hand with a solution of rock salt and water. This will help the growth of bacteria giving a strong flavor to the cheese and preventing mold to developing. Maturation of farm Munsters initially takes place outside for one week. Munsters are then transferred into caves next to old Munsters. Every other day the Munsters are washed and brushed.

Munster has its very own unmistakable strong and powerful aroma. To be conumed with passion and a good Beer!!


Pasteurised – Cow’s Milk