Roquefort Vieux Berger

Produced exclusively from milk of the red Lacaune ewes who graze on the huge plateau of Rouergue.  The cheese is matured in natural limestone caves for a minimum of 4 months.

By 2003 there were only seven Roquefort producers.  “Le Vieux Berger” is by far and away the best of them.  Roquefort quality comes from the ewe’s milk, the processing of the curd, the “penicillium roqueforti” and the maturation in natural caves.

Roquefort has a wonderful, complex, deep strong flavour delivered to the palate by a delicate soft texture. Enjoyed with figs, honey, pine nuts and a good sweet Muscat.

Unpasteurised, Ewes milk.

Pliny the Elder mentioned its “rich aroma” in 79AD and was the favourite cheese of Charlemagne.  In 1411 King Charles VI gave rights to the ageing of Roquefort to only one village: Roquefort-sur-Soulzon.