Graces Goat

Grace’s goat’s milk cheese is one of the many unique and freshly sourced cheeses from Greenfields. A creamy, slightly tangy cheese with a crumbly texture, hand crafted from locally sourced fresh, pure goat’s milk.

Goat’s milk cheese was only found in Middle Eastern areas for many years. However, as the knowledge of its health benefits and unique taste grew, goats cheese became more popular and is now found in dairies across the world. Grace’s goat cheese is definitely one for your cheese board.

Vegetarian. Pasteurised. Goat’s milk


Chipping Show 2019 – Silver Award

British Cheese Awards 2018 – Bronze Award

Chipping Show 2016 – Bronze Award

British Cheese Awards 2016 – Bronze Award

Chipping Show 2015 – Silver Award

British Cheese Awards 2014 – Bronze Award