Join us for Octobers fine artisan cheese & accompaniments at Goo Cheese in Hebden Bridge.

Delice de Cremier. Soft cheese made from cow’s milk from the Burgundy region. It ripens in cellars for at least 3 weeks and then continues ripening in the wooden box for another 2 weeks. You can let it continue to ripen in the box so that the cheese becomes even creamier. Creamy, slightly spicy taste. Pasteurised Cow’s Milk

Appenzeller Black Label is a Swiss cheese matured for 6 months. During the ageing period, the rind of the cheese is regularly washed with brine and seasoned with wine and a special blend of spices, known only by the cheesemaker. The final product is a unique semi-firm cheeses, with nutty notes and a slightly sharp flavour.                    Unpasteurised. Cow’s milk

Grand Noir from the cambozola family of cheeses. Made by Käserei Champignon, Lauben / Allgäu, Germany. Made using fresh milk from regional farms in Southern Germany. A distinctive cheese with a very creamy soft texture that melts in the mouth instantly giving a very satisfying all round flavour and texture. This amazing cheese is hand dipped and aged in a black wax.  Pasteurised, vegetarian, Cow’s milk

Inglewhite Ewes. A pleasant sheep’s milk cheddar style cheese, hand-made on the farm in Inglewhite with locally sourced ewe’s milk. A good smooth creamy texture matured for 5 months for a rich caramel sweetness.                Pasteurised, vegetarian Ewe’s milk

Old Roan. (Yoredale) Wensleydale is made from a traditional recipe using unpasteurised cow’s milk. Hand made in small batches at the Curlew micro diary, this cheese has a creamier texture and is less crumbly than your usual Wensleydale.  Smooth and creamy with a firm texture. A yoghurt, lemony initial taste goes on to give a longer lasting earthy mushroom finish.  Unpasteurised Cow’s milk